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Wasatch Labs Services

Wasatch offers a complete turnkey solution to private labeling. Our process is customizable but can include research, development, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.


Wasatch Labs Services

Skin Care

Wasatch Labs Services2

Treatment Oriented Skin Care / Cosmeceuticals

Wasatch Labs Services3

Hair Care

Wasatch Labs Services4

Dental Care

including toothpaste, mouthwash

Wasatch Labs Services OTC

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

including acne, sunscreens, muscle analgesics

Wasatch Labs Nutritionals

Liquid Nutritionals

Wasatch Labs Sulpplements

Liquid Dietary Supplements

Wasatch Labs Capabilities

Hot-fill Capabilities

including antiperspirant/deodorants, sticks/lip balms

Wasatch Labs Shear

High sheer and liquid crystal emulsions


Custom-designed tanks allow us to manufacture the highest-quality personal care and dietary products that exceed the needs of our clients.

Clean Rooms

We pre-weigh and batch in positive pressure pharma-type clean room environments.

Water System

Wasatch uses a multi-point purified water system with RO, UV, deionization, ozonation, and sub-micron filtration.

Mixing Tanks

Our customized processing vessels use a unique coaxial design: center shaft with articulating scraper frame and center-bladed turbine mixers. Equipped with bottom mount high shear mixers (Scott-Turbon) and load cells, these vessels are also vacuum capable.

Filling Lines

Wasatch has high-capacity filling lines that are equipped to nitrogen dose, cap, torque, label, lot code, induction seal and heat shrink.